Most of the time you have a compass and maps with you while you hike, navigate, and/or perform engineering field works. Maps, Camera View, and a Compass in a single view application offers an effortless task to verify your target bearing and geographical information.

CompassView is an intuitive iOS app which determines the user’s view direction. It has the compass, camera, and map features in a single view application to determine the bearing,  direction, map coordinates, elevation, and location

When the user launched the app for the first time, it will require the permission to access its location and camera functionalities. User has the capability to take photos of the view with  the information about the bearing, direction, map coordinates, location, elevation, and time. When the user moves the iPhone device, it updates the information on the screen including the map orientations. If the access to add photos into the Photo Library is allowed, the captured photo will be automatically saved into the library.

User preferences such as map settings, map coordinate format, unit of measurements, and date/time format can be set through the settings menu. Map view can be enabled or disabled depending on the user’s preference. User’s location can be centered on the map by touching the Locate button. Map view can be zoom in or out to allow the user to further explore the area.


– Navigations such as hiking and travels.

– In schools to understand how the compass works and the science of navigations.

– Technical field works to determine the bearing and geographical information.

– RF Engineering studies to verify the design antenna orientations.

Who can use this app?

– Everyone can use this intuitive iOS app including the students and teachers in studying  the basic principles of navigation.

– Hiking enthusiasts who have their iPhone devices while on outdoor activities.

– Engineers, and other technical personnels who perform field works which involve directions, bearing, accurate coordinates, and locations.

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  • Shane Bostick

    Is it possible to add a setting to allow for fractional degrees in the bearings? I find the app useful for locating monuments on a building site using know survey points, but the whole degree round off is too broad at longer distances. Would like to be able to set round off for bearing, if the hardware allows for that level of accuracy.

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